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Definitive Tree Capitator Add-on 1.20+

Definitive Tree Capitator Add-on 1.20+
Say goodbye to slow tree chopping with the Definitive Tree Capitator addon! This mod allows you to fell an entire tree with just one block chop. It smoothly integrates with any modification. Additionally, it guarantees that your custom axes from other modifications seamlessly work with the tree capitator feature.


1. Two In-Game Options:

- Vanilla Exclusive

The swift cutting feature is accessible for traditional models.

- Fresh Addition:

Presently, aside from felling the tree, you can also obliterate the leaves.

2. Previous function:

Topple an entire tree with a single strike. Hold either a regular version of the tool or a customized one in your grasp. To trigger, simply crouch and engage.

3. Additionally, Custom Axe Configuration:

- Desire for this modification to cooperate with other modifications and personalized axes? Simply follow a few uncomplicated steps to enable the function and grant your axes access to the enchantment of the tree capitator.

Definitive Tree Capitator (1)


Definitive Tree Capitator


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