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Morphing Bracelet Add-on 1.20+

Morphing Bracelet Add-on 1.20+
What would you do in the body of the most popular Minecraft mobs, such as zombies or sheep? Wonder no more, as this mod introduces the Morphing Bracelet, a game-changing item that empowers you to seamlessly transform into various mobs, including the likes of hostile mobs.



For the assurance of your rebirth within the game, you are tasked with the creation of a novel artifact: a totem bracelet. This artifact requires a quartet of Soul Soils and a single Soul Gem. By combining these components, you will synthesize a mystical compound that grants you the ability to adopt the guise of any vanquished being.

Spectral Orbs in Glass:

The process to acquire this unique orb involves refining soul sand in the furnace's embrace. This orb, while instrumental in the crafting of the totem bracelet, also serves a dual purpose as a formidable tool of combat. When hurled at adversaries, it envelops them in a veil of darkness for ten seconds, rendering them sightless.

Visual Insights:

Morphing Bracelet (1)

Morphing Bracelet (2)

Morphing Bracelet (3)

Morphing Bracelet (4)

Morphing Bracelet (5)


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