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Blast Furnace Mod for Minecraft PE

Blast Furnace Mod for Minecraft PE
If you are tired of wasting your time creating blocks, then we suggest you install the Blast Furnace mod. In this article, there are several addons that will simplify the crafting of items and useful resources and make your survival as comfortable as possible.

Portable furnace

Now you will have a portable stove on which you can cook food, smelt ore right in your inventory. Coal is used as fuel. If the stove is made of netherite, then fuel is not needed, since it contains endless fire.

To create food and process ore, you need a workbench, resources, and a furnace.

Furnace Plus

To speed up the smelting process, this mod will help you, as it adds more furnaces. Each new stove will have its own speed of operation, respectively, from the most productive (netherite) food is prepared in just a few seconds.


• There are 7 types of ovens available in different materials.
• The Netherite Furnace is upgraded with items.
• Use the pickaxe to break the stove or the /event entity @e give command.
• Activate the experimental settings for the addon to work correctly.

Better Blast Furnace

If you often smelt items, then this is what you need. After all, now you can melt blocks much faster thanks to the blast furnace.

Now, in addition to a conventional furnace, you can process blocks in a blast furnace, but the speed is much higher.

recipes blast furnace

inventory furnace

new items furnace

craft furnace


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