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Poppy Playtime Chapeter 3 Add-on 1.20+

Poppy Playtime Chapeter 3 Add-on 1.20+
Meet the adorable Critters from Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 in Minecraft with the Little Critters mod – an enchanting addition that infuses your blocky world with the whimsy of these plush companions! Each Critter, resembling a lovable plush toy with a unique tag, brings its own charm to your Minecraft adventures.

Dive into the Minecraft experience with these delightful companions, each offering a touch of whimsy to your gameplay. But beware – they're not just for show!

Mob Health: Get ready for varied challenges as the Critters come with different health levels. Keep an eye out for their distinct personalities as they add excitement to your world.

Attack: Don't be fooled by their cuteness! Each Critter possesses a unique attack style, adding an extra layer of strategy to your encounters. Learn their moves and gear up for engaging battles against these plush adversaries.

Weakness: Discover the weaknesses of the Critters to gain an advantage in battle. Experiment with different tactics and tools to overcome these lovable foes and emerge victorious in the face of their charming yet formidable presence.

Meet the Critters:

• PickyPiggy: Alw ChoosySwine: Ever in search of a delectable delight, guided by its apple insignia. Beware of its shrewd maneuvers and crafty assaults!

• KickinChicken: Sporting a star tag, this celestial chicken brings a feathery showdown to your Minecraft world.

• Hoppy Hopscotch: With a lightning bolt tag, Hoppy Hopscotch adds an electrifying twist to your adventures.

• DogDay: Bask in the sunny disposition of DogDay, complete with a sun tag. But don't be fooled – this canine companion has a bite to match its bark!

• CraftyCorn: Adorned with a flower tag, CraftyCorn is a blooming delight. Navigate its crafty moves and discover the floral finesse within.

• CatNap: Indulge in the serenity of this mob, adorned with a crescent moon emblem. Exercise caution – this cat companion might have whimsical surprises tucked away in its velvety embrace!

• Bubba Bubbaphant: Illuminate your world with this creature, boasting a light bulb tag. Unravel the mysteries behind its radiant presence.

• Bobby BearHug: Wrapped in a heart tag, Bobby BearHug brings warmth and affection to your Minecraft experience.

Prepare for a heartwarming encounter with the Little Critters mod – your adorable companions in the world of Minecraft!

Poppy Playtime Chapeter 3 (1)

Poppy Playtime Chapeter 3 (2)

Poppy Playtime Chapeter 3 (3)

Poppy Playtime Chapeter 3 (4)

Poppy Playtime Chapeter 3 (5)

Poppy Playtime Chapeter 3 (6)


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