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Naruto Jedy V8 Add-on 1.20+

Naruto Jedy V8 Add-on 1.20+
Do you like anime and did you miss it in the Minecraft world? This is an add-on that adds the Naruto Jedy mod to your favorite world. With it, you can summon your biju or destroy Senju.

The exclusivity of this mod in textures, and all elements are presented in HD quality.

Naruto Jedy

In general, the adventure awaits you as exciting as possible. You will completely immerse yourself in the Naruto universe, all elements will convey the atmosphere of this anime as much as possible.


For this add-on to work correctly, you need to switch to survival mode, since this addon is fully configured for it; press Shift to enable modes.

What's new?

In this version, new types of skins.

  • Added 4 genkai.
  • New jitsu techniques have appeared.
  • Added more new eyes.
  • There is now a choice of game modes.
  • Mobs have a different appearance.
  • The game has updated weapons.
  • Modernized boss fights. To start the battle, they must be summoned.
  • Now bosses will not be generated.
  • When Senju is destroyed, the evolution chakra will drop out.
  • We have established a balance between all the elements.

Player metrics

HP - shows your amount of health

NIVEL determines the capabilities of the chakra, if you eat special chakra fruits, you can increase the level from 100 to 350.

CHK is your chakra for using jutsu at the moment. Jutsu uses a given number of chakras. In order to replenish the number of chakras, you need to click on the sneak button.

SPINS are your points that you got for genkai from the genkai menu.

TP - training points, act as currency. You can get them by killing a mob, collecting certain items or by hitting a dummy.

Player metrics


Chakra is a component essential for most of the basic techniques in this supplement. You can get it by fighting the outlaw ninja Nukenin. It comes in three types, depending on size and importance. Some you can get by interacting with Tenten and Ichiraku.


One of the ways to get the Curse of Hatred is to befriend the Wolf, that is, to tame him. And immediately after that, kill him. Yes, it's cruel, but the Wolf will drop the very Mangeke Sharingan.

Mangeke Sharingan

The next is the Bijuu, which can be obtained arbitrarily. To fight one of them, the player must determine the yellow part on the map, strike at the parameter. And then the manuscript of some tailed beast will fall out.


Ryo is a kind of currency for which you can buy Ramen at the Ichiraku restaurant. Or you can buy the necessary equipment and ammunition for them from the kinichi Tenten, she has a decent collection.


What Bijuu are - these are boastful beasts in this add-on. There are only nine of them, as in the original.

Shukaku is one of the nine tailed beasts.


Matatabi is another of the nine Bijuu.


Isobu is the next of the beasts.


Shim goku

Sim Goku

Kokuo - Matched to the tailed beast from the manga.


This is what Saiken looks like.




Another is Gyuki.


And the last of the nine is Kurama.


You can see the jinchuriki chakra mode of the first phase in the picture below.

Jinchuuriki: Chakra Mode

Kekkei Genkai are unique abilities.

The list consists of:

The first element is Paper.


Also Iron Sand.

Iron Sand

Improvement - Sharingan.


And the Byakugan.


This build also contains special clothing for mobs.

Bandana for the villager

Bandana for the villager

Akatsuke suit with marginal stripes.


Akatsuke (1)

White tsutsuki suit with black patches.


Black tsutsuki suit with white elements.

Black tsutsuki

Momochi Zabuza's handsome costume.

Momochi Zabuza's

Also you can wear Junin or Anbu.



The expansion also features Taijitsu.


Naruto's actual costume


Obito in childhood

Obito Kid

Next, there will be a selection of Kage hats, namely:

Green Kage Hat
Red Kage Hat
Kage's blue hat
Yellow Kage Hat
Brown Kage Hat

These screenshots show the different phases of transformation into a biju.

phases of transformation into a biju

The clothes bench and the jutsu bench look like this in the gameplay.

The clothes bench

The player can take these items and also interact with the villagers.

Added Obito's mask with Kamui effect.

Obito Mask

Obito Mask (1)

Updated Byakugan.

New Seals of Jitsu.

Raikage Raiton's Cloak.

Jubi Obito Mode can be selected.

Obito's Juubi Mode

This is what Genkai Iron Sand looks like, has levels.

Ironsand Genkai levels

Rikudo Naruto.

Rikudo Naruto

The second variant of the appearance of Karma.

Karma V2

The Beast Jubi.

The Beast Jubi

You can hone your skills on the Training Dummy

When otakka grants 1 TP per hit.

The perfect Susano Sasuke.

Susano Sasuke

Photo of Kamui's measurement.

Kamui Dimension

And some more screenshots of this add-on

more screenshots (1)

more screenshots (2)

more screenshots (3)

more screenshots (4)


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