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Simple Vehicles Add-on 1.20+

Simple Vehicles Add-on 1.20+
The integration of the Simple Vehicles addon into the Minecraft universe is truly extraordinary, delivering an impressive array of 105 diverse vehicles for players to indulge in. Specifically tailored for cityscapes and role-playing maps, this mod elevates the gaming experience with meticulously crafted and seamlessly integrated vehicles, immersing players in a captivating virtual world.

Key Enhancements:

Vehicle Workbench: This mod introduces an innovative vehicle workbench, empowering players to craft personalized vehicles. By combining body and tire components, players unlock an additional layer of interactivity and customization within the gaming realm.

Conventional Cars:

• Automobile: The inaugural vehicle flaunts over 16 captivating colors.


• Lowrider: Catering to enthusiasts of sleek and uncomplicated rides.


• Toyota AE86: Engineered to accommodate up to 4 players.

Toyota AE86

• Toyota Corolla: A nostalgic nod to the 2000s, hosting 4 players with 16 color variations.

Toyota Corolla

• Ford Mustang: A high-speed, two-seater capable of reaching speeds exceeding 200MPH.

Ford Mustang

Public Transportation Vehicles:

• Bus: Caters to a crowd of up to 10 players, available in 16 vibrant colors.


• Minibus: A compact transport solution.


• Philippine Jeepneys: A collection of traditional and modern types from the Philippines.

Philippine Jeepneys

• Van: Currently offered in a single color, with future updates promising expanded options for up to 6 players.


• Taxi: Tailored for up to four persons, featuring classic yellow and white designs.


Emergency and Civic Service Vehicles:

• Fire Engine: Perfect for immersive firefighting role-play, designed to seat up to four players.

Fire truck

• Medical Transport: Tailored for hospital scenarios, streamlining patient transportation.


• Broadcast Van: Ideal for television and news coverage, enhancing media-related role-play.

OB Van

• Armored Tanks: Military-spec vehicles, adding a robust and authoritative presence.


• Law Enforcement Cruiser: Exceptional for engaging cops and robbers role-play, enforcing justice in your virtual world.

Police Car

Airborne Conveyances:

• P lane: Can comfortably seat up to four players.


• Christmas Sled: Elevate the holiday spirit in the skies.

Christmas Sled

• Helicopter: Navigable with intuitive up and down controls.


Dual-Wheeled Rides:

• Motorbikes: Available in 5 striking colors, designed for two players with bespoke animations.


• Bikes: Sporting 16 colors, multiplayer compatible with 2 seats.


• Hoverboards and Volt Bike: Injecting a futuristic and playful element.


Assorted Vehicles:

• Autonomous Utility Vehicle (AUV) Car: A personalized transport crafted for a party of 4 players.


• Cargo Hauler: Seats 2 players, perfect for hauling goods and navigating tough terrains.

Pick-up truck

• Tesla Electric Truck: A futuristic sneak peek into transportation innovation.

Tesla Truck

• Elegant Stretch Limo: Luxurious travel experience, capable of hosting up to 6 players in opulence.


• Versatile Fleet: Embark on a journey with a varied selection, including a Shuttle Bus, Heavy-duty Truck, and Speedboat for a truly diverse vehicular adventure.

Shuttle bus

Accessory Items:

Diverse crafting components for personalized customization.

The vehicle workbench serves as a crucial hub for crafting these items.

crafting stuff

crafting stuff (1)

Driving Instructions:

Obtain a key from the creative inventory and insert it into your chosen vehicle.

Sprucing and Riding:

Apply spray paint to a vehicle by sneaking with paint in hand.
Initiate your ride by sneaking into the vehicle with the key.


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