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Military Craft Vehicles Add-on 1.20+

Military Craft Vehicles Add-on 1.20+
Gear up for an epic war zone in Minecraft with the Military Craft Vehicles Addon! This dynamic expansion injects your blocky universe with a range of high-tech military vehicles, elevating your gaming experience with an array of powerful war machines.

Military Planes: Soar through the skies with dominance using Fighter Jets that redefine aerial combat, establishing your supremacy in the airspace.

Military Planes

Infantry Truck & Humvee: Efficiently deploy your ground forces using the Infantry Truck and Humvee. Crafted for rapid troop transportation across varied terrains, these versatile vehicles ensure swift mobilization.

Infantry Truck


Armoured Track: Charge into the battlefield with the Armoured Track, a robust tank capable of enduring enemy fire while unleashing devastating attacks.

Armoured Track

Military SUV: Swiftly maneuver across the landscape in the Military SUV, a quick and nimble vehicle perfect for reconnaissance and rapid deployments.

Military SUV

Naval Warfare Vessel: Seize control of the vast ocean expanse with the Naval Warfare Vessel, a formidable maritime craft armed to the brim and primed for intense naval confrontations.

Naval Warfare Vessel

Whether you're safeguarding your stronghold against hostile forces or participating in exhilarating PvP clashes, the Military Craft Vehicles mod injects a fresh wave of excitement into your Minecraft realm.

Equip your arsenal, assemble your squad, and brace yourself for intense military encounters like never before!

Military Craft Vehicles (1)
Military Craft Vehicles (2)
Military Craft Vehicles (3)


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