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Vine Covered Fences Add-on 1.20+

Vine Covered Fences Add-on 1.20+
Introducing "Vine Covered Fences"– a game-changing mod that allows players to elevate their builds with a touch of nature. Crafted with simplicity in mind, these vine-covered fences can be easily created using a combination of vines and fences in your crafting table.

Download now and experience a new level of creative possibilities in Minecraft!

Here's what you need to know about this fantastic addon:


1. Simplified Crafting: Merge vines and fences effortlessly at your crafting table to produce these captivating vine-clad barriers. A straightforward crafting procedure designed for utmost convenience.

2. Wood Type: All types of wood are available including oak, acacia, mangrove, bamboo and cherry among others. Choose the wood that suits your aesthetic preferences.

3. Functional Design: Not only do these vine-covered fences enhance the visual appeal of your builds, but they also serve a practical purpose. Mobs are unable to cross them, providing a functional barrier to protect your creations.

4. Versatile Aesthetics: Perfect for various aesthetics, such as overgrown landscapes, vineyards, fairy forests, and more. Bring your creative visions to life with this diverse and versatile addition.

5. Player Accessibility: While mobs are kept at bay, players can easily traverse these vine-covered fences, adding a layer of convenience to your Minecraft experience.


Vine Covered Fences (1)

Vine Covered Fences (2)

Vine Covered Fences (3)


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