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True Tools Add-on 1.20+

True Tools Add-on 1.20+
Welcome to True Tools, the Minecraft addon that brings a whole new level of efficiency to your everyday tasks! Upgrade your tools, elevate your gameplay, and experience the true potential of efficiency with this addon!

HAMMER: Unleash the power of the mighty hammer, a tool that transforms mining into a breeze. With the capability to chop through a 3x3 area, this hammer revolutionizes the way you excavate resources. Say goodbye to the slow grind and embrace the swift efficiency of the True Tools hammer. (Note: Functionality disabled in sneaking mode.)


LUMBERJACK AXE: Become a tree-felling maestro with the Lumberjack Axe. Equipped with the "Tree Capitator" function, this axe ensures that no tree is safe from your lumberjack prowess. Watch entire forests fall with ease as you wield this powerful tool. (Note: Functionality disabled in sneaking mode.)


SNOW SHOVEL: Tired of painstakingly clearing away dirt or snow block by block? Enter the Snow Shovel! This oversized shovel digs in a 3x3 pattern, swiftly removing any pesky obstacles in your path. Flatten large expanses of soil effortlessly and enjoy a clutter-free landscape. (Note: Functionality disabled in sneaking mode.)


SPADE FORK: Calling all farmers! The Spade Fork is your go-to tool for cultivating crops with unparalleled speed. Its 3x3 range allows you to plant and nurture your farm in record time. Convert the soil into a fertile block for plants efficiently, making farming a breeze. (Note: Functionality disabled in sneaking mode.)



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