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Tales Of The Swamp Add-on 1.20+

Tales Of The Swamp Add-on 1.20+
Step into the whimsical world of Tales Of The Swamp – an addon that brings the enchanting universe of Shrek right to your Minecraft adventure! Immerse yourself in the swampy wonders, encountering magical creatures and unlocking new gameplay possibilities.


Meet Shrek:

• Has: 100 HP(Immune to fall damage)
• Attack: 14
• Shrek, the mighty swamp beast, roams your world, ready for action. Beware, for Shrek attacks almost everything in sight.

Roar Attack:

Experience the power of Shrek's roar. After a heated battle, Shrek lets out a mighty scream, pushing you away and adding a challenging twist to the fight.

Onions Farm:

Discover the constant appearance of the onions farm in your world. While these onions make for a new and tasty food source, be cautious – consuming them might leave you feeling a bit dizzy.

Tales Of The Swamp (1)

Hot Burp:

Feed Shrek onions and use a torch on him – witness the fiery burp that leaves a trail of fire near Shrek. A spicy addition to Shrek's arsenal.

Stay tuned for more updates and surprises in the future!


Tales Of The Swamp
Tales Of The Swamp Add-on 1.20+


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