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Pizza Add-on 1.20+

Pizza Add-on 1.20+
Transform your Minecraft culinary experience with the Pizza add-on – your ticket to crafting the most delicious virtual pizzas! Dive into the world of pizza making, where you get to choose from a range of unique ingredients like Pepperoni or Pineapple to customize your perfect pie.

Take on the role of a virtual pizzaiolo as you follow each step of the preparation process – from cutting toppings to crafting tomato sauce, kneading dough, and baking to perfection.

Here's a sneak peek at the pizza-making process:

1. Smash tomatoes and basil in a mortar to create a mouthwatering sauce.
2. Sprinkle a pinch of salt for that perfect flavor base.

Utilize a cutting board to prepare ingredients like Pepperoni, Onion, or Cheese. Some ingredients are found in the wild, while others require your crafting skills. For instance, craft Cheese by boiling Milk with a pinch of Salt.

The in-game guide, though in Spanish, serves as an illustrative tutorial for mastering the art of Pizza making step by step.

Get ready to be the ultimate Minecraft pizzaiolo and showcase your pizza-making prowess to the virtual world. Download the Pizza add-on now and savor the joy of crafting and enjoying delicious pizzas in Minecraft!


Pizza (1)

Pizza (2)

Pizza (3)


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