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Super TNT Add-on 1.20+

Super TNT Add-on 1.20+
Get ready for explosive fun with the Super TNT addon! No more settling for small craters – now you can create massive and stunning explosions that transform entire biomes. Say goodbye to the days of vanilla TNT's meager impact on the landscape.

Check out these dynamite options at your disposal:

1. Fire TNT: Watch the world burn as this explosive ignites blocks and mobs within its blast radius. Enjoy the occasional fiery pockets that add an extra spark to the chaos.

2. Apocalyptic Boom TNT: Unleash an unprecedented explosion that annihilates everything within an immense radius. Brace yourself for devastation on an epic scale!

3. Supreme Annihilation TNT: Feel the overpowering might of the most potent explosive in the Minecraft universe – a cataclysmic detonation that guarantees to leave you utterly amazed.

4. Stellar TNT: Embrace the path of controlled chaos with this explosive. It's the perfect option for meticulously planned detonations, delivering a potent impact without spiraling into excessive destruction.

5. Rainbow: Elevate ordinary explosions into a mesmerizing spectacle with a burst of vivid colors. Revel in a captivating experience as a radiant rainbow forms around the blast, transforming destruction into a visually stunning display.

6. Reversal TNT: Witness enchantment in motion as this TNT miraculously restores terrain and structures to their original state. Serving as the ideal tool for undoing the aftermath of explosions, it brings a touch of magical reversal to the Minecraft landscape.

7. Gigantic Boom TNT: Think colossal or go home with this explosive. If you're in search of another massive boom, Gigantic Boom TNT stands as your ultimate choice for a truly spectacular blast.

Download this addon now and unleash a world of explosive possibilities in Minecraft! Watch landscapes transform, skies light up, and biomes crumble under the might of these powerful TNT options.


Super TNT (1)

Super TNT (2)

Super TNT (3)


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