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Himars Add-on 1.19+

Himars Add-on 1.19+
Prepare for high-stakes warfare in Minecraft PE with the Himars addon, introducing the formidable American artillery system to your world. Experience exhilarating rocket launch animations and explosive firepower, injecting a new level of intensity into your Minecraft battles.

If you have a penchant for military technology and desire the excitement of fierce warfare in Minecraft Bedrock, this addon is an essential download.

Key Features:

• Authentic Animations: Immerse yourself in captivating rocket launch sequences that breathe life into the Himars, elevating the dynamism and realism of your Minecraft battles.

• Explosive Destruction: Annihilate your targets with lifelike explosions, delivering a gratifying impact to your military engagements.

Explore the world of Military Equipment: Command the Himars, a mobile C-130 launcher mounted on wheels with an armored cabin, ensuring heightened crew protection.

Seize control, navigate this powerful vehicle strategically, and position yourself for optimal impact.

Launch Controls: Take command with three essential controls, allowing you to remotely interact with the Himars:

1. Initiate Starting Position: Set up your launcher for action.
2. Conclude the Position: Wrap up your strategic setup.
3. Adjust Attack Range: Fine-tune your targeting for precision.
4. Execute the Attack: Unleash the firepower and witness the destructive might of the Himars.

See the action-packed screenshots below to get a glimpse of the Himars in action

Himars (1)

Himars (2)

Himars (3)

Himars (4)


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