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Lively Villagers Add-on 1.20+

Lively Villagers Add-on 1.20+
The Lively Villagers addon breathes new life into the previously static world of Minecraft PE villagers. Traditional villagers lacked individuality and interactive depth, being limited to basic trading interactions. This add-on transforms them, introducing personality, diversity, and meaningful player-villager relationships.

Key Features:

1. Gender Diversity: Villagers now have distinct male and female body types, breaking the monotony of the old system.
2. Unique Identities: Each villager is given a unique name, face, and clothing, adding a personal touch to each one you encounter.
3. Enhanced Interactions: Gone are the days of mere trading. Engage in dialogue with villagers, opening up a menu for deeper interaction.
4. Relationship Building: As you converse with villagers, your relationship level can increase, unlocking new interaction possibilities.
5. Gift-Giving: Accelerate your bond with villagers by giving gifts. But be mindful – each villager has their own preferences and tastes.
6. Personal Connection: This add-on allows for the formation of personal bonds with villagers, making each interaction unique and memorable.

Check out screenshots to witness the vibrant new life this add-on brings to Minecraft's villages.




wandering trader


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