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Quarry Add-on 1.20+

Quarry Add-on 1.20+
Tired of manual ore mining in MCPE? Say hello to the Quarry addon, your new automated mining buddy! This mod introduces four nifty machines that tirelessly excavate blocks in a designated area, neatly depositing the loot into nearby chests. Wave goodbye to the tedious grind, as even lava and water won't escape the clutches of your efficient quarry.

How to kick off your automated mining venture:

1. Craft a Quarry Machine: Choose from four different types to suit your mining needs.

Quarry Machine

2. Place and Destroy: Position the quarry where you desire, then unleash its power by destroying the quarry block (in Survival mode). Watch as it systematically gathers blocks layer by layer.

3. Hands-Free Operation: Let the quarry do its thing, automatically halting when it hits bedrock. You're free to focus on more exciting aspects of your Minecraft adventure.

4. Optional Intervention: Need to pause the mining extravaganza? Simply destroy the Redstone block, and your quarry takes a break.

Embrace the Quarry addon and elevate your mining game to unprecedented levels of efficiency. Goodbye, manual labor; hello, automated resource abundance!

Check out the screenshots for a sneak peek into the Quarry mod in action!

Quarry (1)

Quarry (2)


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