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Shield Hero Add-on 1.20+

Shield Hero Add-on 1.20+
The Shield Hero addon will improve your shields and give them some effects to make you stronger during fights. The author of the assembly was inspired by anime when creating this addon.

Therefore, it contains similar elements from the manga. Learn to wield this weapon and you will become practically invincible in battles!


• Please note that a new item will appear in the HUD. Using it you can open the menu and get new functions.
• Your hero will become a new character who will receive a shield.
• For winning battles you can get TP. This is a monetary reward for which you can improve your shield to gain new properties.

Shield combat capabilities

• There are various attacks.
• To switch, sit down.

There are special techniques that can be done with a simple touch.

Shield Variation

• Each shield has its own capabilities. Therefore, they can be used for different strategies, against different mobs, or even for survival.

Pickaxe shield

• Use when extracting resources.

Leaf shield

• Use its power to send enemies flying or entangle them in root traps.

Rope shield

• Gives you a new way to travel.

Shield of Wrath

• Causes a fiery explosion.
• Or creates a trap for all enemies.

Check out the screenshots below.

Shield Hero (1)

Shield Hero (2)

Shield Hero (3)

Shield Hero (4)


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