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Ghost Add-on 1.20+

Ghost Add-on 1.20+
When your character meets its demise in the Minecraft realm, the Ghost addon takes you on a transformative journey towards resurrection. Embrace the advantages and challenges that come with your ghostly existence.

While the sun may scorch your ethereal form, you gain the upper hand as hostile mobs turn a blind eye, hunger becomes irrelevant, and underwater breathing becomes a breeze.

As you navigate your path to revival, discover the newfound powers bestowed upon your ghostly self. Conquer the challenges, reach The End, and confront the Ender Dragon.

Triumph over the dragon will grant you the coveted Resurrection Totem. Hold it in your hands, eliminate a character, and seal your journey back to the realm of the living.

Ghostly Abilities:

1. Invisibility:

  • Unlock: Survive a full Minecraft day.
  • Usage: Hold down the item to vanish; release to reappear.

    2. Phasing:

  • Unlock: Defeat 100 ghost mobs.
  • Usage: Hold down (right-click) to phase through blocks; jump to solidify.

    3. Flight:

  • Unlock: Survive a fall on half-a-heart.
  • Usage: Hold down (right-click) to take flight; stop flying by jumping.

    4. Telekinesis:

  • Unlock: Interact with a ghost at 100 experience levels.
  • Usage: Hold down (right-click) to launch a telekinetic wave at your target. Sneak to unleash a block telekinetic wave.

    5. Possession:

  • Unlock: Sneak atop Soul Sand with a Nether Star in hand.
  • Usage: Interact with a soul-bearing mob to take control of their body, exclusively during the night.

    Embark on your spectral adventure, mastering these ghostly abilities and overcoming the challenges that lead to your ultimate resurrection.

    Check out snapshots of your supernatural journey in Minecraft!

    Ghost (1)

    Ghost (2)

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