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Yoshi Add-on 1.20+

Yoshi Add-on 1.20+
Infuse your Minecraft PE adventure with the whimsical essence of Yoshi through this enchanting addon. Yoshi transcends the ordinary, serving as both a devoted companion and a reliable mount, boasting distinctive features that elevate it above conventional rideable mobs.

Embark on a Quest in Forests: Traverse the verdant expanses of Minecraft, uncovering the secret realm where Yoshis dwell – the Forests. Within these vibrant landscapes, these multicolored creatures eagerly await to join your journey as steadfast companions and mounts.

Easy Taming Process: Inducting Yoshi as your ally is a straightforward endeavor. In the Forest, approach the Yoshi, tap gently, and patiently await the emergence of affectionate hearts.

Reiterate this process until you successfully establish a bond with your newfound friend. Congratulations – you now have a faithful companion capable of impressive high jumps accompanying you on your adventures.

Mysterious Yoshi Houses: Keep an eye out for giant houses resembling Yoshi's egg. These structures hide exciting surprises and valuable items. Don't pass them by; delve inside and uncover the hidden treasures.

Beware of Zomshi: As the night descends, exercise vigilance against Zomshi, Yoshi's malevolent kin. Zomshi becomes a peril to villages and players, launching raids and unleashing attacks. Counteract the zombie virus affliction by administering a weakness splash potion along with a Yoshi Fruit to initiate the cure.

Check out snapshots of your Minecraft world enriched with Yoshis!

Yoshi (1)

Yoshi (2)

Yoshi (3)


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