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My Best Friend Pedro Add-on 1.17+

My Best Friend Pedro Add-on 1.17+
My Best Friend Pedro - this addon adds a faithful four-legged friend and helper to the world of Minecraft. I think you have encountered such a problem that your pet dies during your adventures. Of course, this is an unpleasant situation, so this mod improves your dogs and makes them more resilient so that you can easily explore the territories with him. Your pet will have levels and it will be possible to increase them by walking with them, thereby the dog will be bigger and stronger.

Addon Description

After installing the add-on, you will see that after the wolf becomes your friend, coming closer to him you will notice the lifeline like the Boss.
If this annoys you, for example, because you have a lot of dogs, you can order them to sit and then this indicator will disappear.

The screenshots below show this.

Sitting wolf on top has no life streak.

Sitting wolf

The wolf is not sitting, and there is a purple indicator on top.

Wolf not sitting

Now you can upgrade your pet. To increase it level, you need to take it with you to research, and so that it participates in battles and fights. The higher it level, the stronger and more enduring it will be. You will help to monitor its level by the indicator above. In addition, you will receive notifications in the chat that the level of your pet has increased.

My Best Friend Pedro (1)

Only when you have a dog will its level be zero, the maximum level of which can be reached - 10.

The higher the level, the larger the dog becomes. Its characteristics also increase: damage and health.

In these photos you can see and compare how Pedro's puppy looks at level zero and how it brother Pablo looks at level 10.

My Best Friend Pedro (2)

A bit of history about my friend Pablo. It's really huge and bold. Moreover, one gloomy day it had to fight with the Iron Golem Gomez, who lived in a neighboring village.

This monster attacked Pablo. It fought valiantly, but the forces were not equal, and the natural elements were ruthless. The water did not give the opportunity to show all its power.

My Best Friend Pedro (3)

In addition, Pablo fell in that battle as a hero. Now its younger brother Pedro has promised to take revenge when he grows up, this merciless Gomez.

Therefore, the author decided this time to help the dogs and provide them with protection in the form of armor.

Also, don't forget that you can heal your comrade. To do this, you need to feed the pet with meat.

The cooked food will give the dog more life.

My Best Friend Pedro (4)

There are upgrade options in the future, you should vote which one you choose.

It could be a Dog Armor upgrade.

The second is to add some items that will increase the characteristics of the pet.


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