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Hulkbuster Add-on 1.20+

Hulkbuster Add-on 1.20+
Get ready to unleash the power of the Hulkbuster addon — an exceptional suit engineered to take on formidable foes like the Hulk. Towering and sturdier than the standard Iron Man armor, this mod offers you the chance to command the mighty Hulkbuster and wield its incredible abilities. Download the mod now and unleash the true power of Iron Man's formidable creation!

Hulkbuster Suit Features:

1. Exceptional Maneuverability: The Hulkbuster suit defies its imposing size with advanced mobility technology, allowing it to soar to impressive heights and rival the Hulk's incredible agility in epic confrontations.

2. Laser Precision: Armed with a potent ranged weapon, the suit features a laser beam capable of penetrating objects, mobs, and terrain, dealing significant damage in its wake.

3. Powerful Punches: Encased in this formidable full metal suit, you wield unparalleled strength, capable of delivering mighty blows to anything obstructing your path.Every punch packs a punch, amplified by the suit's formidable engines.

4. Missiles: Tony Stark's signature touch—missiles! Small, swift, and capable of autonomously homing in on their targets. What more could you ask for in a high-tech suit?


Hulkbuster (1)

Hulkbuster (2)


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