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One Punch-Man Add-on

One Punch-Man Add-on
Allow us to present the One Punch-Manaddon this time around. The creator has ingeniously leveraged the source material from the manga with the same name, meticulously adapting it to fit seamlessly within the Minecraft universe.

This expansion introduces a captivating lineup of ten characters directly sourced from this anime realm. Embark on fierce battles against these characters, where you'll not only challenge your own strength but also revel in the thrilling opportunity to harness their unique and remarkable abilities.

Remarkably, this mod is fully compatible even within the constraints of survival mode, infusing a thrilling adventure into the Minecraft universe.

The player receives a new item at the start.

This item is used to obtain three others.

The phone serves as a tool for summoning mobs, each of which yields a unique assortment of items upon defeat.

Additionally, this phone allows you to summon a vending machine that offers an array of both heroes and villains for purchase.

Screenshots of characters:

One Punch-Man (1)

One Punch-Man (2)

One Punch-Man (3)

One Punch-Man (4)

One Punch-Man (5)

One Punch-Man (6)

One Punch-Man (7)


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