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Nico's Block Expansion Add-on 1.18+

Nico's Block Expansion Add-on 1.18+
A novelty in the world of Minecraft, Nico's Block Expansionaddon adds many interesting blocks and improvements to the game. You can use these blocks as decorations to beautifully decorate your buildings.

Nico's Block Expansion is an add-on that adds various decorative blocks to the game. They do not have functions, but they can be used in survival mode. You can also use various items to compress blocks to save inventory space. On the other hand, vice versa, to receive individual items from compressed blocks.

What blocks will be available?

Stack of sticks:

You can combine nine sticks to create such a block, or vice versa to get separate sticks from such a block.

Stick Pile


Two stacks are used here, from which 18 sticks can be drawn.

Stick Pile Block

Stack of bamboo:

Bamboo Pile

Piles of bamboo:

Bamboo Pile Block

Stack of leather:

Leather Pile

Stack of four books:

Book Stack 4

Stack of nine books:

Book Stack 9

Grass carpet:

Grass Carpet

Bale of sugarcane:

Sugar Cane Bale

Grass bale:

Tallgrass Bale

Fern bale:

Fern Bale

Flower bushes:

Vine Block: A decorative block that you cannot climb.

Vine Block

Lichen Carpet:

Glow Lichen Carpet

Lichen block:

Glowing Lichen Block:

Glow Lichen Block

Blaze Powder Block:

Blaze Powder Block

Sugar block:

Sugar Block

Gunpowder block:

Gunpowder Block

Flint block:

Flint Block

Coal block:

Charcoal Block

Rotten Flesh Block:

Rotten Flesh Block

Membrane block:

Phantom Membrane Block

Luminous Ink Block:

Glow Ink Sac Block

Dye block:

Dye Block


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