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Tartarean Mobs Add-on

Tartarean Mobs Add-on
Dive into the Minecraft PE experience with the Tartarean Mobs addon, where a touch of Diablo-like excitement awaits! This mod introduces a thrilling system of mob rarity, infusing your gameplay with unexpected challenges and rewards.

Key Features:

1. Rarity System: Brace yourself for the unexpected as rare mobs make their appearance in Minecraft PE. Spawned naturally, these unique creatures are distinguishable by particle effects swirling around them and a boss HP bar, adding a Diablo-like flair to your encounters.

2. Progressive Difficulty: The rarity of mobs isn't just for show. It follows a color-coded progression, starting with blue, then shifting to yellow, and finally reaching red. Each color tier represents an increase in the mob's difficulty, ensuring that you'll need to up your game to face these formidable foes.

3. Elite Affixes: Like characters in action RPG games, elite mobs in Tartarean come with affixes that make each encounter a dynamic and challenging experience. Prepare for a variety of surprises as you navigate the Minecraft world.

4. Lavish Rewards: Taking down these elite mobs won't go unrewarded. The more challenging the encounter, the more lavish the spoils. Enjoy the satisfaction of overcoming tough foes and reaping the benefits.

Check out the screenshots for a sneak peek into the thrilling encounters with these rare mobs!

Tartarean Mobs (1)

Tartarean Mobs (2)


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