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Godzilla vs Kong Add-on

Godzilla vs Kong Add-on
With the new mod "Godzilla vs Kong" you can witness an incredible battle between two Titans! The battle will be super epic, house music will reign all around. If you dare to fight against them, stock up on nuclear weapons. The entire battle will be accompanied by incredible effects.


1. Among the kings of the monsters will be Godzilla (2021). His power can resolve the city.
2. The monster can evolve into an armored Godzilla. Such a twarb is even more difficult to defeat.
3. Although this giant ape - Kong (2021) - is a champion of humanity, his fierceness is incredible and terrifying.
4. Arming Kong with an ax increases his fighting abilities.
5. Dinosaur - Mechagodzilla adds a technological twist to the Titan line.
6. In addition to the monsters listed above, the mod also includes Additional Titans, each of which has its own unique abilities and characteristics.


Godzilla vs Kong (1)

Godzilla vs Kong (2)

Godzilla vs Kong (3)

Godzilla vs Kong (4)

Godzilla vs Kong (5)


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