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Roll and Stamina Add-on

Roll and Stamina Add-on
Get ready to level up your parkour game with the Roll and Stamina addon! This mod revolutionizes your Minecraft experience by introducing enhanced jumping abilities and a stamina system that adds a new layer of challenge to your adventures.

Here's the lowdown:

1. Stamina System: Sprinting is no longer limitless! Keep an eye on your character's stamina, as it depletes during sprinting and roll jumps. Don't worry, though – stamina gradually restores after a short cooldown.

2. Roll Jumps: Say goodbye to mundane jumps! With the roll jump feature, not only do you get a visually satisfying animation, but you can also leap up to 3 blocks in height. Mastering this move requires precision – press jump + Sneak simultaneously for a successful roll jump.

3. Parkour Mastery: Unleash your inner parkour master as you navigate the Minecraft world with style and finesse. Use roll jumps strategically to overcome obstacles and reach new heights.

Roll and Stamina addon – where agility meets strategy. Jump, roll, and conquer the Minecraft terrain like never before. Are you up for the challenge?

Roll and Stamina (1)

Roll and Stamina (2)


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