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Flint & Flocks Add-on

Flint & Flocks Add-on
The Flint & Flocks addon will add some flavor to your adventure and you will be able to destroy your enemies more effectively! This simple but fun modification will turn a vanilla bow into a powerful flintlock rifle, and turn a crossbow into a durable double-barreled shotgun. Say goodbye to arrows and hello to bullets as you venture into a whole new world of pixel reality shooting.

Key Features:

1. Flint Flock Action: Bid farewell to the traditional bow and embrace the mighty flint flock. This modification adds a fresh twist to your ranged combat, making every shot a blast.

2. Double-Barrel Shotgun Upgrade: The crossbow gets a major upgrade, turning into a double-barrel shotgun. Get ready for more firepower and a thrilling combat experience.

3. Break Blocks with Style: Experience the additional benefit of shattering glass blocks, flower pots, chains, cake, pumpkins, and melons. It's not just about combat; it's about interacting with your environment in a whole new way.

Flint & Flocks

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