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Speed Silver's Weapons Add-on 1.20+

Speed Silver's Weapons Add-on 1.20+
Experience the thrill of Speed Silver's iconic weapons in your own Minecraft world with this exciting mod! Inspired by the renowned creator's videos, these custom-made weapons bring a unique blend of style and power. Here's a sneak peek into the arsenal:

Midas Sword:

Infliction: 8 units of damage
Effects: Grants the player strength for 4 seconds, but no benefits upon injury.

Pufferfish Cannon:

• Attacks with fish, which poisons nearby creatures.
• Damage: 3 units

Pufferfish Cannon

Ender Katana:

• Infliction: 9 units of damage
• Effect: teleportation.

Ender Katana

Magma Club:

• Infliction: 8 units of damage
• Effects: mobs burn. The player gains resistance to fire by holding an item.

Magma Club

Dragon Scythe:

• Infliction: 10 units of damage
• Effects: Nullifies all positive effects on impacted entities. Grants regeneration upon striking an entity.


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