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L4D2 Add-on 1.20+

L4D2 Add-on 1.20+
Step into the world of zombie survival with the L4D2 addon, bringing the iconic characters and weapons from the renowned shooter into your Minecraft experience. Choose to embody the fearless Bill, the resourceful Zoey, the ever-positive Louis, or the tough-as-nails Francis.

The addon not only changes your appearance but also tweaks the interface to immerse you in the Left 4 Dead 2 atmosphere.

Equipping yourself for the undead onslaught, you'll have access to an arsenal of weaponry that mirrors the variety from the original game. Swing the powerful Fire Axe in close combat or take down zombies from a distance with the M16 rifle. The familiar tools of destruction are at your disposal to make your stand against the relentless hordes.

While the addon is still in development, it has already introduced fundamental features such as various arms, explosives, and medical supplies. Keep an eye out for future updates, which promise to bring mobs and bosses into the mix, enhancing the survival challenge. As you wait for these additions, grab your weapons, team up with friends, and face the zombie apocalypse in Minecraft with the Left 4 Dead 2 addon.

Check out the sneak peek screenshots to get a glimpse of the action-packed world awaiting you.

L4D2 (1)

L4D2 (2)

L4D2 (3)


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