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Lots of Ores Add-on 1.20+

Lots of Ores Add-on 1.20+
Dive into a world of abundant resources with the Lots of Ores addon, adding a plethora of new ores to your Minecraft experience. Because who said we had enough ores already? With this mod, you not only get additional ores but also unlock exciting possibilities to enhance your gameplay.

New Minerals: Encounter a grand total of ten fresh minerals, each boasting its distinct rarity and unique characteristics. From Uranium and Jade to Amber, Flourite, Onyx, Topaz, Ruby, Sapphire, Rhodium, and Platinum, these minerals guarantee to bring diversity and thrill to your mining escapades. Some of them even spawn in the Nether, adding a new dimension to your resource gathering.

New Crafting Tables: Explore innovative crafting tables like the Ore Extractor, designed to clean impurities from extracted ores. The Copper table ensures the safe use of Uranium ore by mitigating its radioactivity. For obtaining the formidable Amber armor, utilize the specialized Ambar table.

New Crafting Tables

New Crafting

Ore-Dropping Mobs: Watch out for ore-dropping mobs peacefully roaming the world. Defeat these mobs, and you'll be rewarded with random ores. It's a new twist on resource collection, adding an element of adventure to your mining pursuits.

Ore-Dropping Mobs

Uranium Drill: Harness the potential of the Uranium drill, capable of instantaneously breaking any block. Whether it's linked to the planet Uranus or not, this drill revolutionizes efficient mining.

Uranium Drill

Hammer and Pickaxe: Create formidable hammers crafted from novel ores – essentially Pickaxes on steroids. These hammers have the capability to break multiple blocks simultaneously, providing efficiency based on the material employed.

Hammer and Pickaxe

Shields: Employ ores to craft fashionable shields. While they may not have any special powers, they add a cool aesthetic to your character, making you look even more formidable.



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