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Cable Car Add-on 1.20+

Cable Car Add-on 1.20+
The Cable Car addon presents a groundbreaking addition for Minecraft enthusiasts, designed to introduce a realistic and fully operational cable car system into their gameplay. This mod is perfect for those who have dreamt of incorporating authentic-looking aerial transportation like cable cars, aerial tramways, and ropeways into their virtual ski resorts or mountain bases.

Mod Overview:

• The addon introduces a realistic cable car system, which is a significant improvement over the traditional blocky, command-block dependent systems.
• Every cabin of the cable car can accommodate up to eight players, perfect for group excursions.
• The cabins are available in a range of five colors, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your configuration.
• Notably user-friendly and speedy, this mod parallels the velocity of real cableways, reaching speeds up to ten m/s, outpacing the minecarts in Minecraft.

Essential Features and Setup Guide:

- Installation Process: First, position a minecart on a track. Then, spawn item beside it to connect the cable car with the minecart.

Cable Car (1)

- How to Ride: To embark on the cable car, simply right-click or long-press on the minecart.

Cable Car (2)

- Track Customization: Design your minecart route leading to any chosen location. The cable car functions smoothly as long as the path below is clear, avoiding any collisions with blocks.

Cable Car (3)

Cable Car (4)

- Authentic Operation: The cable car's movement doesn't include corner rotations, reflecting the behavior of real-world aerial trams. For those who prefer rotational movement, this can be enabled with command blocks.

This addon is a must-try for players looking to enhance their Minecraft worlds with practical, visually appealing, and fun transportation systems. This is an excellent method to dazzle your friends with your stylish mountain retreat or ski resort, delivering both practicality and visual allure.

Cable Car (5)

The add-on transforms your Minecraft experience, making aerial transportation not just a dream but a vivid reality. Here is a side-by-side comparison to show how closely the mod resembles actual cable cars.


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