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More Dungeons Add-on 1.20+

More Dungeons Add-on 1.20+
More Dungeons is the perfect addon for adventurers seeking excitement and loot in Minecraft. With this addon, the game gets even more thrilling as it introduces four brand-new dungeons, each with its unique theme and a formidable boss awaiting you at the end.

Key Features:

1. Diverse Dungeons:

• Explore a variety of dungeons, each with its distinct theme and challenges. From eerie crypts to treacherous caves, there's something for every adventurer.

2. Boss Battles:

• Prepare for epic boss battles as you reach the end of each dungeon. Face off against formidable foes, each with its unique abilities and dangers. Conquer the Rat King or other challenging bosses that guard precious loot.

3. Loot Galore:

• More Dungeons means more opportunities for loot! Delve into hidden chests, defeat enemies, and claim your rewards. Discover valuable items and resources to enhance your Minecraft journey.

4. Immersive Exploration:

• Take your exploration to the next level by uncovering the secrets of these new dungeons. Every corner is packed with surprises, traps, and, of course, the thrill of the unknown.

Check out the screenshots:

More Dungeons (1)

More Dungeons (2)

More Dungeons (3)


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