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Survival Reworked Add-on 1.20+

Survival Reworked Add-on 1.20+
Dive into a refreshed Minecraft experience with the Survival Reworked addon, designed to inject excitement into your gameplay. This addon introduces a plethora of new mobs, over 40 in total, turning your survival journey into an unpredictable adventure. Brace yourself for unforeseen challenges, as each enemy demands a unique combat strategy to overcome.

A notable aspect of the Survival Reworked addon is the incorporation of artifacts. These potent items serve as valuable allies in combating the recently introduced mobs. Acquire artifacts through crafting or as loot from formidable mobs, enhancing the strategic depth of your survival approach.

The journey to the End has undergone a transformation, demanding additional steps before the ultimate showdown. In the Nether, confront the formidable Abomination, summoned using a totem from the illagers' settlement. Only by overcoming this formidable adversary can you advance to the End, where epic boss battles await.


Survival Reworked breathes new life into the familiar Minecraft landscape, challenging players to adapt, strategize, and conquer in the face of diverse and formidable adversaries. Are you ready to redefine your survival experience? The mobs and artifacts await your courageous journey!

Survival Reworked (1)

Survival Reworked (2)

Survival Reworked (3)


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