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Magic Madness Add-on 1.20+

Magic Madness Add-on 1.20+
Dive into the enchanting world of the Magic Madness addon, where spellcasting takes center stage, bringing a touch of whimsical chaos to your Minecraft adventures.

With this addon, embrace the role of a formidable spellcaster armed with an enchanted staff capable of weaving elemental magic like never before. The possibilities are as vast as your imagination allows, making every moment a magical journey.

Magic Madness recipe

1. Enchanted Staffs: Embrace the role of a spellcaster with specialized staffs – Fire, Hydro, Electro, each with distinct magical abilities.

2. Elemental Chaos: Wield the power of elemental magic and cast spells with high-fidelity animations, adding a touch of whimsy to Minecraft.

3. Village Exploration: Begin your magical journey by exploring villages and interacting with key NPCs – Stone Mason and Librarian.

4. Magic Crafting Table: Create a Magic Crafting Table using purchased magic crystals, Obsidian, and a Crafting Table, serving as the focal point for spellcasting.

5. Multi-Spell Wielding: Equip and switch between different staffs simultaneously, offering a versatile and dynamic spellcasting experience.

6. Simple Controls: Tap and hold to seamlessly cycle through spells, unleashing magical mayhem upon foes and the Minecraft world.

7. Immersive Animation: Enjoy immersive and visually captivating spell animations, enhancing the overall magical experience.

Magic Madness (1)

Magic Madness (2)

Magic Madness (3)

Magic Madness (4)

Magic Madness (5)


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