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Tomemancy Add-on 1.18+

Tomemancy Add-on 1.18+
Do you like spells, charms, various magical weapons? Would you like to play the role of a sorcerer and wizard? If yes, then there is a great addon called "Tomemancy" that adds all this magic to the world of Minecraft. You will be able to use more than 90 types of spells in the blocky world and defeat your opponents.


There are eight types of magic available:

1. Pyromancy
2. Hydromancy
3. Ecomancy
4. Atmomancy
5. Fulmamancy
6. Necromancy
7. Mystomancy
8. Lumomancy

Each view has its own page. When spawning, the player receives one random page with one of these types of magic.

Only after reaching a certain level of magic, you can use the corresponding spell from the book. There are four levels of sorcery: Basic, Apprentice, Acolyte, and Advanced.

There is another book that has no elements. You can get this volume from the wizard, the player at this time must hold the book in his hands.

Tomemancy (1)

Tomemancy (2)

Tomemancy (3)


Contains information about elements and spells. Before using spells, the player needs to read the pages. After that, you will receive the corresponding volumes. Each page opens certain volumes. For example, if a player wants to cast a Hydromancy spell, the Seas page must be used.

When interacting with a Page, the player receives the basic element of this Page.


Magicians created pages and volumes. Mobs are neutral and you can bargain with them to get volumes.

Do not anger and attack them, otherwise they will cast spells on you and you will not be sweet. Mages sell spell books. Green mage sells basic spells, blue mage sells apprentice spells, purple mage sells acolyte spells, and red mage sells advanced spells.

You can also exchange Grimoires or Tomepedias for the appropriate levels.

Tomemancy (4)


The usual level of the player is also very important, so he is the envy of what spell you can use. If you are level 0-15, then you can use basic abilities.

Apprentices require levels 16-30, Acolytes require levels 31-45, and Advanced levels above 46.

Take care of yourself, because when you die, you will lose all your earned abilities and you will have to learn everything all over again.

Crafting table spellbooks

To create, use 3 pine planks, 3 emeralds, 1 gold ingot.

Tomecrafting Table

Blood magic

Another section of sorcery, but it doesn't use books or stuff and you don't need a level to do it. First, you need to create a dagger and interact with a magician of any color who will enchant the weapon. Blood seals can now be applied with a dagger.

Screenshots of A Hematurgist's Guide and Iron Dagger:


Hematurgy dagger

If you hold an Enchanted Dagger while looking down, you will damage yourself and spawn an Enchanted Dagger. By interacting with the created seal, you will be able to transform other seals.

Many people who were into Hematurgy have left their symbols in various places that you can find and study.


It looks like this:

Blood seals can be hidden and used as traps for enemies. To do this, use ink to turn them into invisible seals. To remove the invisibility effect, use glowing ink. Traps will be displayed on the map as red dots.

Therefore, it is better not to step on the seals so that their action is not activated.

If you have any questions, use the "Tomenomica Historia", "Tomemancy 101" or "Hematurg's Handbook". All information is detailed there.


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