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Night Terrors Add-on 1.20+

Night Terrors Add-on 1.20+
Dive into the world of Night Terrors, an addon that brings a spooky twist to your Minecraft adventures, making your gameplay a bit more chilling. Let's take a peek into the eerie features and creatures this addon introduces:

1. Perforator Presence: Meet the Perforator, a mutated villager with a creepy inspiration from trypophobia. This unsettling creature emerges at night, adding an extra layer of fear to your Minecraft nights.

2. Formidable Foe: The Perforator is no pushover with its robust stats, boasting 60 health and dealing 10 damage. Prepare for a tough battle if you dare to confront this mutated menace.

3. Emerald Rewards: Brave souls who manage to defeat the Perforator will be rewarded with precious emeralds, offering a tempting incentive for those who can face the frightful encounter.

4. Grub Ambush: Beware the aftermath! Once defeated, the Perforator leaves behind 4 Grubs, each with 8 health. These smaller foes may be diminutive, but their numbers can pose a tricky challenge, keeping players on their toes.

Night Terrors transforms the peaceful Minecraft nights into spine-tingling experiences, adding a touch of horror to the blocky world. Are you ready to face the Perforator and its creepy companions?

Night Terrors (1)

Night Terrors (2)

Night Terrors (3)


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