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The Floating Item Names Add-on 1.20+

The Floating Item Names Add-on 1.20+
The Floating Item Names addon is a handy addition to Minecraft, offering a visual enhancement that simplifies item identification. With text holograms displayed above dropped items, players can quickly locate and recognize items, even from a distance. This feature proves especially useful when navigating complex environments or engaging in multiplayer gameplay.

Key Features:

1. Exclusive Presentation: Holograms exclusively appear on items within the player's view, ensuring a clean and organized screen.
2. Tailored Range: Players have the option to adjust the hologram display range, prioritizing nearby items to enhance clarity.
3. Text Customization: Players can personalize hologram text with color, prefixes, postfixes, and custom text, adding a unique touch to their experience.
4. Adjustable Settings: The addon offers various settings like maximum distance, hologram limit, and font selection for customization.

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