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Ruins Add-on 1.20+

Ruins Add-on 1.20+
Introducing the "Ruins Addon (Structure Spawning System)" – a remarkable recreation of the popular "Ruins mod" from Minecraft Java, now available for Bedrock Edition. This addon breathes new life into your Minecraft adventures by sprinkling the world with a variety of captivating structures, including castles, towers, dungeons, and more.

It injects a variety of ruined structures into the game world, enriching the adventure aspect. Players can stumble upon anything from ancient castles to mysterious dungeons as they explore.


- The add-on introduces a plethora of randomly generated ruins, ranging from quaint cottages to towering fortresses floating in the sky.
- Each structure is intricately designed, offering countless nooks and crannies for players to explore.
- Some ruins might harbor dangers or surprises, urging players to approach with caution and wit.

Here's a glimpse of some of the structures you may encounter:

1. Travelers Inn: Offering refuge in forests and plains.
2. Gazebo: A serene spot found in forests and plains.
3. Fern Cottage: Nestled among the trees in forests and plains.
4. Abandoned Garden: Overgrown with vegetation in plains and forests.
5. Training Castle: A fortress for knights to hone their skills.
6. Mushroom Garden: Sprouting mushrooms in plains and forests.
7. Menhir Fountain: Ancient stones with flowing water in plains.
8. Lighthouse: Guiding beacons along the beaches.
9. Snow Castle: Majestic fortresses in cold taiga regions.
10. Desert Pantheon: Ancient structures rising from the desert sands.
11. Jungle Pyramid: Hidden treasures amidst the jungle foliage.
12. Cemetery: A solemn resting place in plains and forests.
13. Greenhouse: A haven for flora in swamps.
14. The Cellar: Beware of traps in forests, plains, and swamps.
15. Pirate Ship: Abandoned vessels sailing the oceans.

Travelers Inn


Fern Cottage

Abandoned garden

Training castle

Sheep Barn

And many more scattered throughout the world, waiting to be discovered.

Whether you're exploring the depths of the jungle or braving the icy tundra, these ruins add an extra layer of excitement to your Minecraft adventures. So, grab your gear and set forth into the unknown!


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