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DLCraft Add-on 1.20+

DLCraft Add-on 1.20+
DLCraft is a dynamic RPG-style addon designed for Minecraft PE, offering a refreshing gameplay experience with its unique features and systems. Dive into a world filled with adventure, challenges, and new possibilities as you explore the depths of this exciting addon.

Key Features:

1. Redesigned wood gathering mechanics: Employ Unlit Torches that necessitate manual ignition using a Match Box for timber procurement.

2. Enhanced recovery system: Introduces healing aids such as Salves, Plasters, and Bandages for health revitalization, supplanting conventional food-based restoration methods.

3. Exploration-centric edifices: Encounter Ruins, Tower Dungeons, and Creeping Crypts teeming with formidable adversaries and valuable treasures.

4. Combat enhancements: Gain access to an array of novel weaponry endowed with distinctive abilities and enchantments to augment your combat capabilities.

5. Skill advancement: Utilize experience points to unlock proficiency in wielding diamond armor, tools, and implements proficiently.

6. Auxiliary utilities: Outfit yourself with trinkets and rings to acquire advantageous potion effects during boss confrontations and other demanding engagements.

7. Fishing refinements: Revel in new implements and loot possibilities to enrich the angling endeavor.

8. Bounty quests: Embark on exciting quests found in villagers' houses, completing objectives and earning rewards at the Bounty Table.

With DLCraft, players can immerse themselves in an enriched Minecraft experience, filled with adventure, strategy, and endless possibilities.

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