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TF2 Stuff Add-on 1.20+

TF2 Stuff Add-on 1.20+
For Minecraft enthusiasts who are also aficionados of Team Fortress 2, prepare for an exciting addition with the TF2 Stuff Addon: Crafting Update! This unique addon seamlessly integrates the beloved guns and items from TF2 directly into your Minecraft realm, enabling you to utilize them in thrilling battles and adventures.


- Addition of TF2 weapons: Includes iconic firearms like the Revolver, Shotgun, and Rocket Launcher, as well as melee weapons such as the Bat and Shovel.
- Medical Supplies: Small, Medium, and Large Medkits for health restoration during battles.
- Ammunition Packs: Small, Medium, and Large packs to ensure players never run out of ammo.
- New crafting table: Specifically designed for crafting TF2 weapons, enhancing the crafting experience.
- Weapon trading with village traders: Players can now purchase TF2 weapons from village traders, expanding their options for acquiring gear.
- Introduction of Metals: Scrap, Reclaimed, and Refined metals can be smelted into iron ingots for crafting purposes, adding depth to the crafting system.

TF2 Stuff (1)

TF2 Stuff (2)

TF2 Stuff (3)

TF2 Stuff (4)

TF2 Stuff (5)

TF2 Stuff (6)

TF2 Stuff (7)


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