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Triceratops Add-on 1.20+

Triceratops Add-on 1.20+
Introducing the Triceratops addon, where you can bring these majestic creatures back to life and have them roam your Minecraft world.


• Obtain Triceratops and Triceratops babies to populate your world.
• Breed, ride, and feed them as you see fit.
• Triceratops spawn in all biomes where cows and pigs usually appear, adding a prehistoric touch to your landscapes.
• These herbivores munch on plants like grass, maintaining a natural balance in their environment.
• Witness the adorable sight of baby Triceratops following their parents around.
• Breed Triceratops using wheat, and watch as they enter a love state and possibly produce offspring.
• Earn their trust to ride them, but be cautious as controlling such large animals can be challenging.
• Triceratops are defensive creatures and will retaliate if provoked, so handle interactions with care.


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