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EnigmaCraft (Alpha) Add-on 1.20+

EnigmaCraft (Alpha) Add-on 1.20+
Introducing EnigmaCraft, a addon that brings a whole new dimension to your Minecraft experience. Prepare to dive into a world filled with exciting challenges, unique items, and formidable foes.


• Collect a variety of new items with both active and passive abilities. Accordingly, in order to use active ones you need to do something, for example, sit down.
• Meet and fight new bosses with unique abilities thanks to a leveling system that enhances your enemies' abilities as you progress.
• Get items by defeating mobs, with animals having a lower drop rate than monsters.
• Items come in four types of rarity: from common to legendary. The chances are appropriate. But ordinary objects can always be turned into dust and used to buy items or some kind of ability.
• New bosses appear in the form of familiar mobs. But naturally their characteristics are much higher. But as a bonus for killing them, you will receive a legendary item.
• There are also boxes, each of which will contain something, from dust to some kind of monster. It depends on your luck.
• Try testing everything in creative mode.


EnigmaCraft (Alpha) (1)

EnigmaCraft (Alpha) (2)

EnigmaCraft (Alpha) (3)

EnigmaCraft (Alpha) (4)


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