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Connected Glass Add-on 1.20+

Connected Glass Add-on 1.20+
The Connected Glassaddon is a fresh addition to Minecraft Bedrock Edition, bringing in glass blocks and panes that automatically link up when placed adjacent to each other. This feature enriches the building experience, offering a sleek look without modifying the game's original glass elements.

• Highlights of the Mod:

Seamless Integration: Automatically connecting glass eliminates the need for manual commands, providing a smooth and cohesive appearance akin to the Optifine mod in the Java version of Minecraft.

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• Obtaining the Glass:

Creative Mode Access: Venture into the construction inventory tab to pick up these new glass items, placed alongside standard glass options.

Survival Crafting: Engage in crafting these new glass variants with recipes paralleling those of their classic counterparts.

Connected Glass (2)

Unique Use of Sticks (Applicable to Glass Panes):

Applying a stick to a glass pane will "freeze" its current visual state, stopping it from altering its form or texture when next to other panes. To reset its appearance, simply break and re-place the pane. Note: Breaking a locked pane in survival mode ensures item retrieval.

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• Essential Notes:

Activation of specific Experimental Features is required for full functionality.

• Unlike traditional glass, these new variants do not conduct beacon beams.
• The mod boasts an upgrade in texture detail for enhanced visual quality.
• Scripting allows glass panes to attach to any solid block, expanding creative possibilities.
• However, for the best experience, sticking to the scripted pack is recommended.

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