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Chat Ranks Add-on 1.20+

Chat Ranks Add-on 1.20+
Introducing the Chat Ranksaddon, a game-changer for Minecraft players looking to add some order and flair to their global chat. With this addon, you can easily distinguish between players of different ranks by assigning them unique colors, making it simpler to identify admins and moderators amidst the chatter.

No more confusion in the chat – with colorful names representing different ranks, communication becomes clearer and more organized. Plus, you have the flexibility to customize the colors for each rank and even spice things up with emoticons, giving your server's chat a personalized touch.

Chat Ranks

Right from the start, the Chat Ranks addon provides five preset ranks: Administrator, Moderator, Assistant, Constructor, and VIP. Should you require more options, fear not – you have the flexibility to manually introduce additional ranks tailored to your server's specific requirements.

Managing ranks becomes effortless with the Chat Ranks addon. Begin by assigning yourself the administrator rank using the "/tag @s add admin" command. From there, utilize the "-rank add" command to enter the specialized menu for adjusting the ranks of other players. Need to revoke a rank?

Chat Ranks (1)

Simply input "-rank remove." And in case you need a quick review or encounter any hiccups, the "-rank list" and "-rank help" commands stand ready to assist.

Chat Ranks (2)

With this addon, managing player ranks and keeping your server's chat organized has never been easier. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to clarity and customization – download the Chat Ranks addon today and take your server to the next level.


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