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Disciples of the Void Add-on 1.20+

Disciples of the Void Add-on 1.20+
If boss encounters aren't enough for you and you're looking for something exciting, the Disciples of The Void addon will immerse you in unforgettable battles. There are a lot of new mobs in this add-on that have different abilities, so to defeat them and collect loot, you need to think through a strategy. But as prizes you will receive cool armor and weapons.

Mobs - Boss Fights I:

1. Brawneus, the Decay Piglin: This tough brute can get enraged and go invincible. Defeat him to snag the mighty "Brawler" Sword.
2. Limbosis, the Rogue Enderman: Watch out for his clone-summoning and teleporting abilities. Take him down for the coveted "Endbreaker" Sword.
3. Alatarah, the Enchanter Evoker: Armed with a widened array of spells, her power is formidable. Triumph over her to seize the formidable "Majar" Blade.
4. Osseous, the Hemoglobin Wither Skeleton: This altered adversary summons reinforcements with Blood Skeletons. Subdue him to acquire the indomitable "Ossein" chainsaw.

Disciples of the Void

Face "The Devotees," corrupted entities from the realm above, bestowed with gifts by an age-old entity. Accumulate "Combat Tokens" to barter with Inanis, and ready yourself with "Void Elixir" for the formidable battles that lie ahead.

Mobs - Boss Fights II:

1. Blade of Death, a type of skeleton wither with a crystal modification, gives coins as a drop after death.
2. Alathar, the Envious Summoner: his main strategy is to use magic, and you can also pick up coins after death.
3. Brolatar, arena monster: leaves trails of dust that are dangerous. Drop - coins.
4. Eribus: He is a powerful opponent, can teleport. After defeating him you can pick up a lot of coins.

Alatar, Evoker of Envy


Gives strength and protection to Alatine.

And if you constantly search, you can get a bonus effect.

Alatine Armor

The Final Manifest

This is a bonus round in the battle with another mob called Extorris-Poeta, The First Creator, after winning you can get new blocks.

The Final Manifest

Weapon - Sword "Zenith"

Once you have collected all the swords, you can open a new type.

He has many abilities that are aimed at destroying enemies.


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