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Nether Entities Add-on 1.20+

Nether Entities Add-on 1.20+
Welcome to the Nether Entities addon, an exhilarating extension that breathes fresh excitement into the fiery realms of the Nether dimension. No longer will you traverse its desolate plains alone; now, you'll encounter a variety of intriguing humanoid factions inspired by creatures from the Overworld.

Prepare to meet the Chicklins, wandering through the Warped Forest biome with their distinctive chicken-like appearance.

Or perhaps you'll stumble upon the Cowglin, a bovine counterpart adapted to the harsh basalt deltas. And let's not overlook the Goatlins, untamed creatures resembling goats, introducing a sense of wildness to the infernal realm.

Nether Entities (1)

However, peril isn't the sole focus of the Nether Entities addon. Within its depths, you'll also cross paths with the Llamaglin, merchants offering unique trades, and the Turklins, a curious amalgamation of hoglins and chickens, traversing the eerie Distorted Forest biome.

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And for the daring explorers, there's the chance to confront the Bullglin, a formidable combination of hoglins and cows, or the Ramlins, spawned from the unholy mixture of hoglins and goats, lurking in the nether deserts.

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With the introduction of the Nether Entities addon, the Nether evolves into a realm teeming with both danger and fascination, where every turn presents an opportunity for adventure. So, equip yourself, plunge into the fiery abyss, and brace for encounters with a multitude of entities unlike any you've encountered before!

Nether Entities (3)


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