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Space Add-on 1.20+

Space Add-on 1.20+
Embark on an unparalleled space adventure with the Space mod for Minecraft PE, transforming your gameplay into a thrilling exploration of the cosmos. This mod enables you to step into the shoes of an astronaut, venturing beyond the earthly confines of Minecraft into the vast, dark expanse of space.
Introduction to the "Space" Mod:

• The mod is designed for Minecraft PE on Android, offering a unique space exploration experience.
• It allows players to feel the excitement of being an astronaut, exploring other universes and encountering various spacecraft and extraterrestrial beings.

Core Features and Innovations:

• Spacecraft Construction: Players can build their own spacecraft, akin to the Falcon 9, for interdimensional travel.
• Unique Control Mechanism: A carrot-on-a-stick serves as the control lever, with an experience potion as fuel.
• Spacesuit for Survival: A special suit, replacing Steve’s armor, is necessary for survival in space.
• New Worlds Exploration: The mod significantly expands the End territory, introducing the ability to travel between planets.
• Altered Gravity: Experience Earth-like gravity on new planets, thanks to modifications in the game's physics.
• Moon and Mars Adventures: Visit Earth’s satellite and the Red Planet, featuring altered gravity for incredible jumps and life forms like zombies in protective suits.
• Survival Elements: A spacesuit equipped with oxygen is essential for survival on alien planets.

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