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GRTC Train Add-on 1.20+

GRTC Train Add-on 1.20+
The GRTC Train mod is an innovative addition to Minecraft, catering to players who often find themselves navigating vast distances across their in-game worlds. Designed to enhance the transportation experience within Minecraft, this addon introduces a highly efficient train system inspired by the real-world trains operating in Osaka.

Key Features of the GRTC Train Mod:

1. Realistic Train Model: The mod features a train design that, while appearing simple on the outside, is inspired by the efficiency and functionality of Osaka's city trains. Its design prioritizes speed, making long-distance travels quicker and more convenient.

2. Enhanced Transportation: With the GRTC Train mod, players can build comprehensive railway systems that span across their Minecraft worlds. This feature is particularly beneficial for players with expansive worlds, allowing for rapid transit from one point to another.

3. Easy Activation: Setting up the train system is straightforward. To activate the train system, gamers must position a Command Block, adjust its settings to Repeat and Always Active, and enter the command /function gr. This straightforward process guarantees that incorporating the train system into their worlds is a breeze, eliminating the need for intricate configuration steps.

4. Speed and Efficiency: The primary advantage of the GRTC Train is its speed. Designed to offer a swift transportation solution, the train significantly reduces travel time, making it an ideal option for reaching distant locations or connecting different areas of a player's world.

GRTC Train


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