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Star Wars – Darth Maul Add-on 1.20+

Star Wars – Darth Maul Add-on 1.20+
The Star Wars – Darth Maul mod introduces the legendary Star Wars antagonist, Darth Maul, to Minecraft, adding a thrilling dimension to the game. Famous for wielding a double-bladed lightsaber and his intimidating fighting abilities, Darth Maul emerges as a powerful foe, presenting players with a stimulating challenge.

Main Features and Capabilities:

• Darth Maul Character: As a hostile entity, Darth Maul has an impressive 900 HP, making him a tough opponent to defeat. His attack power is significant, with 17 damage inflicted on opponents, embodying the Sith Lord's formidable combat prowess.

• Weaponry: In alignment with his iconic persona, he utilizes a double-bladed lightsaber for hand-to-hand combat. The mod ingeniously swaps the Trident in Minecraft for this signature weapon, thus increasing the realism of the gaming experience. Additionally, hero can throw his lightsaber at enemies, adding a dynamic element to battles.

• Clones and Droids: To enrich the Star Wars atmosphere, the mod also introduces droids and clones into the game. These entities come equipped with new variations of blasters, diversifying combat scenarios. Droids, following their allegiance in the Star Wars universe, do not attack Siths, whereas clones are programmed to attack Siths, reflecting their roles in the saga.

• Sword Options: The mod offers several sword options, allowing players to customize their combat experience. This variety not only adds to the gameplay depth but also allows players to engage in battles in a manner that suits their strategies.

Darth Maul (1)

Darth Maul (2)

Darth Maul (3)

Darth Maul (4)


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