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Jenny 2 Mod for Minecraft PE

Jenny 2 Mod for Minecraft PE
Get ready to improve your Minecraft cube universe with the Jenny 2 mod. Immerse yourself in exciting storylines and meet charming characters, they have distinctive behavior from standard mobs. To see how your relationship with each other will develop, we suggest you try interacting with new characters.

Special Features:

• Each character is individually designed. Has a characteristic introduction and appearance. There are only 5 mobs, one you knew from previous versions and 4 added in the new one.

• A distinctive feature of this mob is the models and behavior of the characters. They have some peculiarity.

• Your every action will affect the character’s emotions, and your further communication and plot will depend on this. Give the girls a precious stone - an emerald - and you will discover new opportunities in communication.

• While navigating the updated interface, players can easily interact with characters through the menu system. With the press of a button, players can access various communication options as they approach these characters.

• Among the items will be half-shells and potions. They can be used for different effects.


Jenny 2 Mod (1)

Jenny 2 Mod (2)

Jenny 2 Mod (3)


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Comments (2)
Nightshade20 March 2024 01:15Send the comment
How to f@$#?
aj27 March 2024 18:00Send the comment
Yo bro, I have the same question as @Nightshade so, how do I get their selective beds and talk to the npc's all I can do is tame Jenny and she gets naked. Also, the slime girl won't spawn with spawn egg or commands