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Mo'Ores and Tools Add-on 1.20+

Mo'Ores and Tools Add-on 1.20+
Introducing a wide selection of powerful armor and weapons using the Mo'Ores and Tools mod. This addition will allow you to use new materials to create unique sets of equipment, including armor and tools. You can also use magic apples that will improve your skills.


• There are approximately twenty more armor sets, each with special benefits and aesthetic styles.
• Using materials ranging from traditional to exotic, players can personalize the appearance and characteristics of their character.
• New tool types: hammer, dagger, battle ax and great sword. Hammers are versatile tools suitable for both mining and combat. Players gain access to faster and more maneuverable weapons with the Dagger, while the Battle Ax and Greatsword hit harder and deal massive damage.
• With the help of magic apples created from unique ores, players can receive various bonuses and enhance their abilities. Some apples have additional abilities that are activated when eaten, adding an element of magic and strategy to the game.

Below you can see all the crafting recipes from this add-on.



more ores

more ores (1)

more ores (2)


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